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At Victorian Textiles, we are proud to be responsible and doing our part for the environment

At Victorian Textiles, we are proud to be responsible and we are actively doing our part for the environment. For more than 15 years now we have implemented a procedural change which has developed into an underlying culture in our day-to-day logic and function.
Eg. All the plastics we use, including the plastic inserts and packaging for all the battings, are made from recycled plastic and are fully biodegradable. 
In the manufacture of our rulers and templates, we recycle all the off-cuts of acrylic plastic used in the assembly process, into an assortment of products including acrylic paint, so there is no waste, absolutely zero.  Furthermore all excess packaging is used by our Packing department to protect out going items in transit.
Victorian Textiles Pty Ltd also buys recycled boxes for our dispatch and recycles all the cardboard cartons used in our day-to-day packaging.
Where possible, our printed materials adhere to the best environmental practices with the newest standard waterless technology exceeding world-wide printing standards. We print on 100% recycled paper and cardboard and recycle all our paper waste.  We compress our paper rubbish in to bales and then pass onto the recycle market for processing, therefore reducing our over all waste processing and ultimately our contribution to landfill.
In the production of waddings/battings we have several unique processes in place that set us apart from the rest of the world.  All water used in the shrink proofing or wet processing of battings is recycled through our own reverse osmosis purification plant, in house, prior to returning to the environment. The water is cleaner when we are finished then when it starts.
In the past, cotton has had a poor reputation for its effect on the environment. All cotton fibre used in the manufacture of Matilda's own Cotton batting is sourced in Australia from a select group of Australia's most environmentally concerned farmers. These young farmers have developed new low-water usage techniques and are actively improving and in some cases exceeding the standards set by organic farmers in the use of Insecticides and water so that we can all enjoy a sustainable and environmentally-friendly future. Our cotton goes through a unique process as the fibre is made into a roving prior to carding, so it is unbelievably clean and seed free.
We are constantly on the lookout to improve our "green performance".