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OMNI-V 2000yd OV145

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OMNI-V 2000yd OV145


The variegated colours of OMNI-V perform for all.This 2-ply, 40-weight poly-wrapped poly core thread is built to withstand the rigour of high speeds on home or longarm machines. OMNI-V is dyed in 76 variegated colour blends with a one-inch colour change. Gorgeous colour combinations, low lint, and a subtle matte finish make OMNI-V an excellent quilting thread.
  • For home machines, we recommend a Topstitch #90/14 needle and a 4.0 to 5.0 tension.
  • OMNI-V can also be used as a great bobbin thread.
  • Sound familiar? OMNI shares the same fibre composition and benefits of OMNI-V and is available in 172 solid colours.
Great for:
  • Sewing
  • Quilting

Fibre: 100% Polyester, Corespun
Length: 1828m|2000yd
Weight: 40W/2Ply

Brand: Misc.Items

Minimum Order: 1

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