Our Environmental Policy

At Victorian Textiles, we are proud to be responsible and doing our part for the environment.

  • All the plastics we use, including the plastic inserts and packaging for all the wadding/batting, are made from recycled plastic and are fully bio-degradable
  • We recycle all the off-cuts of acrylic plastic used in the manufacturing of our rulers into paint pigments
  • Victorian Textiles Pty Ltd also buys recycled boxes for our dispatch and recycles all the cardboard cartons used in our day-to-day packaging
  • Where possible, our printed materials adhere to environmental practices with the newest standard waterless technology exceeding world-wide printing standards. We print on 100% recycled paper
  • Although in the past, cotton has had a poor reputation for its effect on the environment, all cotton fibre used in the manufacture of Matilda's own Cotton batting is sourced from a select group of Australia's most environmentally concerned farmers. These young farmers have developed new low-water usage techniques and are actively improving the standards set by organic farmers in the use of insecticides so that we can all enjoy a sustainable and environmentally-friendly future
  • We are constantly on the lookout to improve our "green" performance